I need that Oooh!


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  1. Ayna sagt:

    I adore your Blog very much,
    It would be so nice to read more about your tattoo business and Art. How you work, about your work, about your History, how often you are tattooing and so on. I am a graphic Designer, too with passion for tattooing but i am actually too scared to finally quit my job at the agency i work for. My Dream is tattooing. So you are a big Inspiration for me.
    Keep on wrighting!

    • skadirosehurst sagt:

      Hey Ayna!
      Oh, such a super lovely comment! Thank you so much! 🙂
      I’d love to tell you about my art/tattoo story, as it wasn’t an easy way for me at all, quite the reverse!
      Let’s talk about this in next weeks blog post!

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