Road Rebel

„Because I was born to be the other woman.
Who belonged to no one, who belonged to everyone.
Who had nothing, who wanted everything, with a fire for every experience and an obsession for freedom that terrified me to the point that I couldn’t even talk about it, and pushed me to a nomadic point of madness that both dazzled and dizzied me.

We had nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing we desired anymore, except to make our lives into a work of art.
Live fast. Die young. Be wild. And have fun.
I believe in the person I want to become.
I believe in the freedom of the open road.
And my motto is the same as ever:
„I believe in the kindness of strangers. And when I’m at war with myself I ride, I just ride.“
Who are you?
Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies?
Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them?
I have. I am fucking crazy.
But I am free.“
-Lana del Rey



Worte die mir aus der Seele sprechen.
Die sich in mein Herz brennen und mich zum zittern bringen.
„I just ride!“

Dieses Outfit ist diesem wunderbaren Song, mit all seinen wunderbaren Botschaften gewidmet.
Ein hoch auf die Freiheit.
Seid frech, seid wild, seid frei!



Fake Fur Jacke: Mango
Top: H&M
Gürtel: Boohoo
Hose: Rokoko
Brille: Orsay
Clutch: Asos
Pumps: Asos
Kette: Bijou Brigitte


Road Rebel

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